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Everyone has a certain amount of emotional competence. These resources and their mutual constellations may be different for different people. This depends, among other things, on age, experiences, situations and the importance that each individual gives to the situations in which he or she finds himself or herself and can or must use his or her competences.

The questionnaire is to determine how you usually behave and what emotions you feel in different work situations. You should answer the way that an answer to one question does not affect the other. There are no good or bad answers. Choose the ones that best describe you. Make sure that you have answered all the questions. After completing the questionnaire, you will be informed about the level of your competences and which of them are your strengths. You will also be informed which competences are worth working on in order to develop them.

You can stop the test at any time. If you want to continue the test, save your token to log in again. All the results will be saved.

Thank you for your help.